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Tips for Skype Interviews:
Posted By: Fiona Hearn Date: August 2019

As Skype interviews grow in popularity, how can candidates put their best foot forward?

Traditionally, clients and agencies have had the sole responsibility for providing a conductive environment for face to face interviews.  Description of photo here
This is easily achieved in most businesses that have board rooms or offices that are set up for such purposes but takes a bit more thought for candidates who may not have a business space set up in their homes. Hence, candidates need to now consider what impression they are making in a less controlled environment.  Here are some tips to remember in order to make the best impression possible.

It's a good idea to make sure that where you set yourself up for interview is appropriate and that you'll be interuption free!
Are you technically prepared? Ensure your screen is adjusted correctly and it's a good idea to do a practice run through first.

Your personal appearance is still essential. It may be tempting to be more relaxed since you are interviewing in an informal
setting but first impressions still count and dressing appropriately for an interview shows professionalism.

Try and communicate as you would in a face to face interview by keeping engaged and maintaining eye contact etc. The interview will normally follow the same structure and time frame so ensure you are comfortable and happy in the space. 
We have seen skype interviews allow for a speedier recruitment process; with final decision makers being overseas, candidates relocating and many other geographical or time hurdles in the way.  

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