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5 quick ways to know what someone is thinking.
Posted by: Helen Rhodes  Date: October 2019

Sourced from: LinkedIn Top Voices
Published on October 29, 2019 by Mental Toughness Partners, Paul Lyons - Managing Partner

It is often helpful to be able to quickly understand someone’s current disposition and likely behaviour and a review of their body and face can provide some insightful clues.
However, I’m upfront with a spoiler alert because although useful  these techniques will not apply to all people, all of the time.   Description of photo here
Nevertheless , here are five quick ways that you would probably use to form a collective impression;
Assess their dress

People generally will dress in line with their attitudes and values to feel comfortable and be stylish. The way they dress, particularly within the context of the situation, can give you some valuable clues. Are they dressed formally or informally and do they appear comfortable or less so? Are they making statements through colour, style or accessories?

Description of photo here

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