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Happy New Year from DCL Recruitment   5 Tips for finding an Amazing Career
Posted By: Fiona Behan   Date:  September 2014

5 Tips for finding an amazing career:
Finding an amazing career takes some effort for most people. What is amazing for one person may not necessarily be amazing for you. You hear about those that just landed in something they love, and that can and does happen, but here are 5 tips to increase your chances of being truly happy at work.
  1. Your happiness at work is generally reliant on you taking the time to consider your work related values, personality and aptitudes and deciding what is important to you. Don’t make the mistake of limiting your attention to only one of these variables in making your career decision.
  1. Which of these values are important to you? Try rating these values on a scale for 1 to 10?
Autonomy: receiving no or little supervision
Helping Others: providing assistance to individuals or groups
Prestige: having high standing
Job Security: a high probability that one will remain employed
Collaboration: working with others
Helping Society: contributing to the betterment of the world
Recognition: receiving attention for your work
Compensation: receiving adequate pay
Achievement: doing work that yields results
Utilizing Your Skills and Background: using your education and work experience to do your job
Leadership: supervising/managing others
Creativity: using your own ideas
Variety: doing different activities
Challenge: performing tasks that are difficult
Leisure: having adequate time away from work
Recognition: receiving credit for achievements
Artistic Expression: expressing one's artistic talents
Influence: having the ability to affect people's opinions and ideas
B) Consider your Personality type.
This can be done by obtaining a comprehensive personality test by a practicing psychologist or career counsellor (at a fee) who can suggest appropriate careers for you based on your results. Or there are plenty of free online personality tests available as a starting point. Here’s a link for a test which will reveal your personality type based on Jung and Briggs Myer’s four dimensions which is often used for employment purposes http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp or this personality test looks at the top 5 traits http://www.123test.com/personality-test There are many more, use the one that resonates for you.
C) An aptitude is something you do well. For instance; Are you good with details, an excellent communicator, a great organiser or possess a numerical aptitude. Let’s face it, most people like to be good at what they do. Matching your strengths with the required competencies for the job increase your likelihood of success. The required competencies are often listed clearly on most job descriptions.
  1.  Choose your occupation wisely, consult reliable published sources and ask people who work in the occupation what they like and dislike about their job. Would you be happy doing the main components of this occupation most of your working week?
  2. Research potential employers- look at their website and mission statement and ensure it correlates with your core values. If you have an opportunity to temp with the client, even if it is not in the position you want permanently, be open to doing this so you can get a good feel of whether this employer is the right fit for you.
  3. Don’t just look at the remuneration; consider other factors which could lead to job satisfaction such as work/life balance, opportunity for career advancement, anything else you have deemed important from your self- analysis.
  4. Give yourself a chance to settle into your new role, be prepared to take on challenges and be out of your comfort zone while you learn new skills. Be engaged, give it your best and periodically review how you are going to stay on track in your career. Your needs may change over time.

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