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    Losing the right candidate in the hiring process?

Posted By: Rachelle Sinfield   Date: September 2017Description of photo here

Losing the right candidates in the hiring process?
We’re often hearing clients’ frustrations when searching for that hard to find talent only to lose them in the recruitment process. This of course can come down to many factors and often on the candidate side – not the right role possibly, location too far, too many job options (particularly for the more sought after people in the market) the list goes on.
However we are equally experiencing candidates frustrated with the often long hiring process. We are asked ‘are the company still interested in me?’, ‘how many others are interviewing for this role?’ Unfortunately this can lead to candidates getting the wrong message and looking elsewhere.
On the client side, it pays to make sure all the following boxes are ticked prior beginning the process:
                                  * thorough job description
                                   * salary range that the budget allows
                                    * check all the relevant decision makers are on board
                                     * is there enough available time to interview and review application
If a top candidate does apply to your job, chances are they will be presented with multiple offers and won’t be in the market for long, remembering other companies are looking for the same skill set and talent as you.

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