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Happy New Year from DCL Recruitment   Market Update
Posted By: Rachelle Sinfield  Date:  June 2014 

On the Northern Beaches we are seeing a promise of busy times ahead with sporadic flurries of activity particularly in the service and finance areas with clients looking for specific skills and experience. However, we are also still witnessing organisations letting people go with the lack of new roles being created. So all in all, still fairly inconsistent times. To combat the competition for jobs, we are recommending a review on how you are approaching the job market and encouraging you to put your best foot forward.
Our advice in a more competitive market is to make sure your skills and relevant experience are on the first page of your CV. You may need to tailor your CV to a particular role, always being truthful but possibly reorganising the more appropriate skills and experience to the beginning. With clients having less time to sort through CV’s it is really important to have high impact.
We are also seeing more permanent roles being listed with a ‘temp to perm’ scenario, so being open to alternate ways of securing permanent work is also important. We’re expecting more movement in the market in the new financial year so use this time to get your CV in order and position yourself well to secure that perfect job!

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