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Happy New Year from DCL Recruitment   HAPPY NEW YEAR & GETTING BACK TO BASICS
Posted By: Amanda Thomas   Date: January 2014

Happy New Year! 

I have been the lucky consultant tasked with writing the DCL Blog (apparently I am the most tech savvy person in team?) and I thought a good topic to start with would be 'getting back to basics'.  

The first tip is a simple one - update your resume, properly. Now this point may seem obvious but out of date resumes is something we see quite regularly and it really helps us to have the most current information. For example, be sure to have the correct finish dates on your resume (if you are not working at the moment and finished your last position in December, ensure your resume reads: December 2013 not “current’).

Also, we can help you better when we know the whole story, upfront, in an easy to read document. This is especially important if you are applying on a general basis rather than for a specific role. Keep in mind we are often given broad and often unusual job profiles, so even if you think some information about yourself may not be relevant, it may be exactly what we are looking for!

Another tip for job seekers is a handy piece of advice I received from a University lecturer. I was told when writing my first essays to assume the reader knows nothing and don’t irritate them with silly mistakes. He was talking about getting the basics right (spelling, phone numbers, layout, dates).  You want to have a resume that is clear, concise, the one where the reader can quickly and easily see what you have to offer rather than second guess your background. The last thing you want is to be overlooked because you have missed something off your resume. Or worse still, to look unprofessional due to something like poor spelling! 

We have compiled a complete list of tips for job seekers on the website-  Click here to view

So if you are looking for a change, get your resume up to date, and go get that new opportunity!

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