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    The Best Questions to ask at the end of the Interview

Posted By: Hillary Burrows   Date: September 2016

Description of photo hereThe interview is wrapping up and now the tables have turned and it is your chance to ask the questions.  It is best to have a few questions in the back of your mind before you go in for an interview.  It shows the perspective Employer that you prepared for the interview and you have a real interest in the role and company.  Here are some great examples of questions you can ask the Interviewer: 

What does success look like in this role?  
** This shows you are looking for the right role for you and you’re looking for career growth. Hopefully, the Interviewer will give you insight into the team and possible career paths within the company.   
What challenges is your company facing at the moment?
** This type of question demonstrates you have taken the time to research the company.   Make sure you research the company via their company website and any Internet articles.   
 Ask specific questions in regards to the Job Spec you received from your Recruitment Consultant.
**  Ask questions if you would like more understanding of specific duties you will have in the role.  This shows you have taken the time to grasp the responsibilities in this role.  This question shows the Interviewer you have thought about the role and are taking it seriously.
Why did you join the company, and what keeps staff within the Organisation?
** Hopefully, the Interviewer will give you an insight into the company’s values and people.  The more honest the response the better for you to know if the job and company is the right fit. 
The previous staff who’ve been in this position – where are they now? 
**  This is important to you as it shows if the company provides career development and opportunities.  Also, the Interviewer will know you are serious about your career.  

The questions at the end of an interview should convey two things:  you have done research into the company and you’re taking their job seriously.  You need to demonstrate to the Interviewer that you have an interest in the Company and the position on offer.  

Good Luck!!!  

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