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Bridging the Gap

Posted By: Helen Rhodes   Date: August 2022 

Not so long ago, in a pre-pandemic job market, we worked with a more fluid temporary market assisting clients with ‘bridging the gap’ covering holidays, workload peaks, parental leave and projects. Fast forward to 2022 with an Australian unemployment rate of 3.5%, high inflation and low immigration all of which has caused a swing away from job seekers wanting temporary roles with a focus on securing permanent work.

Let’s face it – with security and stability being high on the priority list for job seekers after what has been a disrupted and extremely unstable job market and time, coupled with having a smorgasbord of permanent roles to choose from – there’s no wonder this has been the trend.  

Assisting clients to win back job seekers into the temporary market, we are seeing a change to what typical temp or contract role is offering. Being able to offer flexibility in hours and hybrid roles, competitive rates and quicker access to perm roles; as well as team inclusions like staff lunches, celebrations or bonus and recognition programs are all deemed attractive benefits.  

Market conditions and economies will always fluctuate resulting in changes in staffing levels for businesses and the continuance of a contingency workforce. We feel there will also always be the attraction for many to be part of this flexible workforce enabling more control over holidays taken and family commitments, gaining of skills or just a change of career direction.

To make sure we attract and retain employees, whether this be for short- or long-term work arrangements, I truly think it will require us offering positive workplace cultures, opportunities for growth and development, flexibility as well as competitive salaries. With these practices in place we are sure to attract and retain the right teams!     

Jan Dickinson - Temp of the Quarter

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