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Posted By: Amanda Thomas   Date: August 2016

Cover LettersA lot of cover letters we see are just fancy jargon and they often all sound the same. A cover letter or an opening email must contain useful, relevant and specific information rather than generalisations and the letter or email must specify which particular job you are applying for.
My top 2 tips in regards to letters (and resumes for that matter) relate to the same key idea - Don’t leave the reader guessing!
1. Give the reader the information that demonstrates how you can do the job.
For example, your qualifications, reasons for wanting the job and addressing some of the essential criteria. Match your skills to the job and highlight your achievements in the letter.
I even like to see when the person can interview and salary expectations and notice period and visa status and work rights.
2. Think of the objections the reader may have for your application and address them! 
Are you living interstate? Do you have a large unexplained gap on your resume? Do you not meet the essential criteria? Your resume is all full time work and you have applied for part time? If this is the case, your opening letter is the perfect time to address this and sell yourself. Explain why you are applying!
We often see candidates applying from out of area or interstate with no explanation. A well written cover letter or email can address you reasons for relocating and your expected time of moving. Also, if you are making a career change it may be your personal, interests, hobbies or study which is relevant so mention them. If you have applied for a role for an immediate start and your resume states you are still currently employed, explain this in the opening letter that you have not had a chance to update your resume and that you are in fact available and ready to go. This is all fine by me, as long as it’s explained!
Good luck!

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