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How Much is Too Much?
Posted By: Fiona Hearn Date: September 2019

We are often asked, and are witness to, candidates divulging too much information at an interview – not entirely sure on how much information to give away. So how much is too much? Description of photo here

This can be a ‘grey’ area where being honest and open possibly blurs into over answering questions/giving too much non relevant information away.

It is definitely imperative to be honest however delving into personal specifics of either your background or those of former colleagues may not be appropriate on a first meet at interview.     

Your personal life does sometimes impact your work situation, possibly creating gaps on your CV or changes in hours sought and as such an explanation may be required or asked for. Remember to keep it relevant. Similarly when discussing a role left due to a mismatch of culture, skills or personality clash.

Remember you are here to talk about your skills, experience and core values so focus on what you are looking for and can bring to the role emphasising your strengths and keeping yours and your potential employers best interests at the forefront.

Good luck with that job interview and if you would like more tips on honing your interviewing skills we’d love to hear from you.
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