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Happy New Year!

Posted By: Rachelle Sinfield   Date: January 2023 

Happy New Year and hoping you’re looking forward to a rewarding and successful 2023 as we are here at DCL!

There’s nothing like a break from routine and finding time out just to reflect, recharge and have the space to start looking forward to what the next months and year mean to us.

For many this will be to make a change in career, whether that is within the company you are currently working with, possible study and further growth or to move to a new organisation to progress in your career.

One of the first questions a recruiter will ask you is your motivation for looking for a new role and what that looks like to you? When meeting candidates this is something they may have already worked through or something we work on together to identify their motivations and together forge a plan!

Working on your ‘reason’ for leaving is a start; whether this be out of boredom with your current role, you lack challenge, you’ve moved and want to cut down on your commute or it could be you are looking for more flexibility? Many are looking to work within an organisation that will allow career advancement and may involve some investigating and identifying of those companies.

Once you have achieved a map of what’s important for you in your next role, you are ready to embark on your search to find organisations that best align. We work with you to ensure your experience and skills are highlighted and showcased in the best possible light as well as working with you on areas you may need to work on or upskill.

We realise the process of change can be both daunting and timely, however we genuinely enjoy working with you to make this a positive and rewarding experience. We’re excited to work with you in 2023 and look forward to positive change!


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