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New Year, New Job

Posted by: Rachelle Sinfield  Date: August 2016Description of photo here

We know it can be tiring and challenging to say the least when you are out there searching and interviewing like mad to find that New Job! From where we sit, we are privy to the pit falls and frustrations that may occur from time to time from a candidate and clients perspective in the often complex recruitment and job hunting process. Here are 3 of the top frustrations we see and how to avoid them.
1.Be clear on your expectations and plans. 
There is nothing worse than being offered a job only to turn it down because you can’t work the specified hours or you have a 6 week holiday planned in the next 2 months! Yes this really happens. Equally to be told by a client once you have accepted a role that you will be expected to travel or work on weekends without prior knowledge can be a real deal breaker.
2. Be sure to ask questions in the interview. 
We’re often asked by candidates just what are they are allowed to ask a potential employer at interview.  There are no hard and fast rules here, however we do believe this is your time to interview your potential employer so to speak. We spend so much time at work so we understand how important it is to make sure it is the right working environment, culture, your values are aligned – the list may go on. So please don’t feel you can’t express and enquire about what you find important. And it is never a problem to show them you are keen on the job! Often this can be the differentiator on who gets the job if candidates are equal on all other grounds.
3. Stay positive and focussed.
As we mentioned earlier, job searching is hard work. It can take many interviews, phone calls, and lots of searching to find that right role. However, staying positive is key. A frustrated or negative tone isn’t how you want to be perceived so go in with your A game and remember you could have exactly what they’re after! And if at all possible, try to remain in your job until you find another suitable one as the job interview process can be a waiting game! Try not to take it personally in an often competitive market, the right role is out there!
Good Luck!!! 

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