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    Preparing for your interview with the client

Posted By: Rachelle Sinfield   Date: October 2015 
Jan Dickinson - Temp of the Quarter
We are often asked “How do I prepare for my interview with the client?”
Its great news when you secure an interview with the client, but that’s just the start, you need to put your best foot forward. Below are our top tips you’re your interview preparation?

Do Your Research

You can never be too prepared! It’s always a good idea to have a thorough look at the client’s website where you’ll often find a wealth of information, from where they are located and how many sites they have, to product and or service information, history of the company’s origin and also their vision and opportunities. The company’s social media sites are also beneficial as you learn about what is important to them and possibly see any social and community events they are aligned with. LinkedIn is also a handy tool for this and to see who you are meeting with! 
Learning as much as you can about the company culture, its structure and type of person who would fit their environment is also very important. Often you’ll find hints on their website describing these areas, however normally DCL will have a history with the client and will keep you well informed. Do take notes!

Do Some More Research!!
Going an extra step and looking into the company’s competitors, challenges and wins their industry sector may be experiencing, shows you have your eye on the ball and might be the advantage needed to win you the role.

Make sure You Are Well Versed On Your Background
It’s also a good time to know your career history thoroughly; thinking of specifics pertinent to the positions you’ve held to ensure you don’t leave the client guessing on what you are capable of and where you’d add value.
Good luck and take a look at other helpful information on our site!

Know Where You Are Going
We know this is a basic one, but it can really make all the difference. We see it here in our offices, the difference between candidates who are stressed out as they are running late, didn’t know where to park etc and the ones who arrive on time and stress free. Be sure to know EXACTLY where you are going and where to park and allow yourself extra time. You certainly want to be calm and punctual for that all important 1st impression with a potential employer!

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