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What’s driving Candidates in 2022 – Where’s everyone gone?

Posted by:  Rachelle Sinfield  Date:  February 2022

Why use an agency over recruiting yourself
With this everchanging Covid landscape that we had hoped to have left in 2021 – sadly we find it has followed us in to 2022! What’s this look like for our workplaces and what are those elusive candidates really looking for now?

With the lack of new talent coming into the Australian market since border closures together with a general nervousness for change (in what has felt like an ever-changing and strange new world) it’s no surprise talent shortages are at an all-time high. This has created a real swing towards candidates being able to really assess what is important for them and what they want in their next role; not making a move until these boxes have been ticked.

Their priorities are no surprise and certainly things we at DCL also very much value - time and flexibility being key as well as career opportunities and team engagement still at top of lists. If Covid has given us anything it has been to reassess these priorities and the opportunity to see this work effectively.

With technology allowing this remote way of working, clients have seen how productivity and quality hasn’t suffered and, in many case
s, improved. Candidates now want to take this with them into a post Covid world allowing a much more balanced life – resulting in happier employees!

Clients attracting new talent are offering hybrid work set ups, flexible hours, competitive salaries and engaging their employees from the get-go! They are agile and moving with markets to ensure they have the right teams to thrive in 2022. As confidence builds, changes to WHM and Student Visa’s as well as the Australian border to reopen to all vaccinated tourists and business travellers from Feb 21 I’m sure we’ll see more fluidity in the market – whilst this will improve things, flexibility and true client commitment are going to remain key!

If you are looking for your next new hire or a candidate looking for your next move or some career advice and direction – we’d love to help!


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