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    Bouncing back after Rejection

Posted By: Rachelle Sinfield   Date: October 2016

Bouncing Back after Job RejectionNo one likes to be rejected and particularly after bearing your ‘work’ soul in the often grueling job search process. You get so close only to hear after the 3rd interview round that someone was a closer fit for the role and you are back to the drawing board. We know it’s often competitive out there with many people vying for the same job. Here are a few tips on how to overcome rejection and stay on top of it:
  1. Don’t take it personally – I know this easier said than done however remember there are often 10 or more applicants going for the same role and only 1 will get it. This person may be a better fit with the company culture which you wouldn’t be privy to initially. It may not have suited you at all and not getting the role could actually be a good thing!
  2. Reflect on the interview and outcome – I often hear positive comments from candidates explaining that they found the interview process good practice and that they will prepare a little better for their next interview now knowing a bit more of what is expected from them.
  3. Ask for feedback – often this is freely given, however don’t be too put out if you are given vague answers. This is often just a result of the company having too many candidates to choose from, being ‘spoilt for choice’ so to speak which then makes the choice of who they hire coming down to the finer details.
  4. Focus on your strengths – by remaining true to yourself on what is important to you in your next role you will often self-reject out of some of the roles you have applied for realising it’s really not for you. There is the right job out there for you.
  5. Have a debrief - with a friend or family member as this can help you to remain focused on the right role and your strengths and away from your doubts.
We don’t enjoy having to tell our candidates they weren’t successful for the job knowing they have great skills and are so dedicated. However this is part of the process and we generally find that most end up securing the right role at the right time.       

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