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Career Goals You'll Be Able to Keep for 2019

Posted by: Rachelle Sinfield  Date: February 2019

Career GoalsProblems arise when goals are too generic or impossible to measure. This year, look at your career and set some firm, measurable goals that you can actually track and achieve. 

Stay healthier at work:
Everyone is concerned about health and list health as one of their top areas for improvement for the New Year. We spend a lot of time at work, so it makes sense to consider what you can do for your health while you’re there. Some simple steps to stay healthier - Pack a healthy lunch, take the stairs, get up and stretch every hour, test out a standing desk or maybe swap your office chair for an exercise ball.

Learn a new skill:
No matter what field you are in, there are hundreds of new skills you can learn that could benefit your career. Set it as one of your work goals for the year and get it done. It can enhance your current work as well as set you up for that new job!  

Read one career-related or motivational book:
No matter your job, there is a book out there that can improve your performance, your outlook, or your personal habits. Even if you think you already know what you need to know, reading a professional career related motivational book can give you a new perspective.

Update your resume:
When is the last time you gave your resume a thorough look-through? Is the style still current? Is the information correct? Even if you don’t plan on applying for a new job but keeping it updated periodically you ensure you don’t lose track of relevant information.

Add to your professional network:
We’re meeting people all the time so take this opportunity to listen to their story, grab their business card, and connect with them? Try to find at least one person per month to add to your LinkedIn connections and watch your network grow!

Follow a relevant blog:
There is a world of free information, insider tips, and great motivational writers online. Find a blog that you enjoy, whether it’s specific to your industry or just something that sparks your interest? Don’t know where to find one? Ask around the office or your friends. Often if you find one your co-workers like it can also become a great topic for conversation!

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