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  Coastrek 2015

Posted By: Helen Rhodes   Date: April 2015 

When friends called to see if I was interested in joining their Coastrek team raising funds for The Fred Hollows Foundation I thought what a great idea…   55kms was just a number…right!!!  What an amazing experience I let myself into.
The event is run in March eachyear and this was September of the year before.  Each team needs four participants and the Coastrek is organised by ‘Wild Women On Top’.  In the months preceding the trek we did many training walks one of the last being 35kms on a 38 degree day…
I knew then that I was now not just physically but mentally ready.  This training walk was a killer.
I added to my wardrobe poles, head lamp and gaiters.  These items which initially I though looked pretty silly proved to be invaluable on the trek. 
We kicked off the event in the second wave of the day at 6.30 am as the sun was starting to rise this in itself was just beautiful to watch over Palm Beach.  We were pumped and ready looking forward to smashing out an amazing pace.
We reached our first love stop at Bungan Beach mid-morning welcomed in by wonderful volunteers and a smorgasbord of food, drink and snacks.  We were on top of the world, no blisters and still in a racing mindset.
My midday we reached Long Reef our next love stop, and with Narrabeen/Collaroy Beach behind us we knew the longest beach on the trek was ticked off our list. 
At Curl Curl we took a selfie wearing our ‘Eye Candy’ glasses knowingwe still had a big 20kms to go the day was peaking at 31 degrees!!
Our mental battles started at North Head we could almost see Balmoral Beach, it was really hot, we were tired and feeling a little nutty!!!  And there was still at least another 12km to go.
As we crossed the line in the dark we felt amazing, the Coastrek compare welcomed in each team by name – We were the Belles and Whistles and we had made it, fantastic team commitment and camaraderie.
This was an amazing challenge and I am so glad I participated…  You may see me again next year with the fantastic team Belles and Whistles.  This was both a personal and a team challenge and the money we raised (an amazing $4,649.05) for the Fred Hollows Foundation was an added bonus.

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