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    Important Task to do this summer holiday 

Posted By: Amanda Thomas   Date:  December 2017 

Description of photo hereThe thought of adding one more thing to your already hectic December schedule, may sound crazy but hear me out. If you are thinking about a new role in the New Year, now is the time to get your resume up to date.

A lot of companies close over the Christmas and New year period and people take time off to relax, and this is the perfect time to reflect on what you are looking for in your career and to update your resume. Just think of it as a future gift to yourself, for that time later on in the year when you see an amazing opportunity pop up and you can quickly send your resume and be confident you have given it your best shot.

As we all know, the year can get away from us, so make hay while the sun shines and prepare. Just a few hours of work on the computer over the summer holidays could relate to a new opportunity for a promotion or a new role altogether and an investment in your future sounds like a good Christmas gift to me.

I also think this is a great habit to get into at the end of the year even if you are not looking for a new role, you should reflect on your achievements and new duties you may have taken on and add those details to your resume now so you don’t forget.

Merry Christmas and cheers to a successful new year! 

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