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Big Shout Out to Rachelle - 22 Years at DCL Recruitment!!!

Posted by: Helen Rhodes  Date: June 2019

The Changing Face of RecruitmentRachelle - DCL Recruitment

We’ve witnessed many changes to our industry over the years particularly in the technology space and how we source our candidates and communicate. The advertising of jobs moved from print to digital allowing the instant access to job boards and social platforms we use today - no waiting for Monday mornings to take ad response!

Technology has allowed us to interview remotely via skype – opening pathways for quicker decision making for Global organisations.

With candidate shortages over the last decade we’ve seen a shift from candidates having to show off their talent but now we see a more even playing field – Employers are competing for top talent and focussing on what they have to offer. Candidates are able to enjoy some flexibility in the workplace too with the emergence of working from home and hot-desking.
We’ve seen an increase in contracting and project work with the constant changing face of organisations to remain competitive. It’s not unusual to have several career changes and for career succession to happen in shorter time frames now.
The emergence of SME’s on the Northern Beaches has been exciting adding accelerated career paths for many candidates.

However as we know ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same’ and very much so in the Recruitment Industry. The importance of long term relationships with people means technology will never be a substitute for speaking to people face to face and forging relationships via trust and knowledge.

We’re looking forward to the exciting times ahead in the Recruitment industry as well as more of what we all love so much about our industry!

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