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Posted By: Amanda Thomas   Date: March 2017Resume Tips

What to include on a resume is always an interesting discussion, as there will always be personal preferences, but after 13 years in the industry, I have a few basic tips to help get your resume in the ‘yes’ pile from a recruiters perspective.

1. Reusme Length and Content
Use the space on the resume efficiently. Resumes only need to be 2-3 pages long and if it’s done correctly, this is all you need. Use this space wisely to ensure all the relevant information is mentioned. I often see resumes where half of the first page is taken up with name, address and phone number! There are hundreds of free downloadable resume templates online and these will often have fabulous space saving layouts allowing the maximum amount of information to be portrayed in a small space.

2. Shine Bright
Make your current experience shine! Make your current, relevant experience proportionate to the resume. I have seen resumes with 10 years’ experience squashed into a third of a page with just 5 lines. EXPAND, EXPAND, AND EXPAND.  This is the information that will get you across the line and if you have been too brief, you may be overlooked. I am often interviewing and make so many extra notes about tasks, skills and achievements that are not even mentioned on the resume. Don’t undersell yourself, this document is your time to shine!   
3. Accuracy
This is such a simple one, but so many people get it wrong. Ensure your resume is up to date. If you have left a company, ensure you have the finish dates on it rather than leaving it as ‘current’ (Oct 2010- current), ensure you address and phone number are correct, eg don’t leave your old UK address on your resume, if you are in the middle of relocating, its ok to mention it on the resume somewhere or include in it the email or cover letter.

4. Interests & References 
The jury is out with this one but in my humble opinion - only include specific interests if they demonstrate other skills that may support your application or demonstrate community or volunteer roles. For example, list interests like this:Interests: Member of Bondi Icebergs Swimming Club, Active patrolling member of Bondi surf club since 2014 rather than like this: Interests: Swimming, Surfing Life Saving

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