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Should I leave without another role? 

Posted By: Rachelle Sinfield Date: May 2017

This is a conversation we frequently have with candidates confused as to whether they put time and energy into being able to interview and search for work without having to juggle this with the demands of their current job? There is sometimes guilt associated with looking for other work when often the reason for leaving is not a reflection on their current employer. Whatever the reason may be there are several things to be considered.Description of photo here
The job market often dictates whether this is doable or not. If there are loads of roles available and the likelihood of finding work in your field is strong, then obviously the risk is a lot lower and you won’t be in ‘limbo’ for too long.

Depending on your skills set and again market conditions temporary work in the interim is often a good solution. However you’re not always guaranteed of constant work and should probably be a plan B. Your available funds will determine how long you can be without work however many don’t want to dip into their savings for long.
I think it’s always best to stay in your role whilst looking if that’s possible. I do understand there are situations that don’t allow this and if that’s the case your piece of mind is always most important. Every situation is different as is the changing markets we work within. We suggest discussing your options and are always more than happy to help!

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