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Transferable Skills – Now More Important than Ever!

Posted by: Rachelle Sifnield  Date: October 2020

This year has certainly turned things on its’ head and the job maTransferable Skillsrket is certainly no different! We have seen so many changes to workplaces (most notably working from home), job duties and of course demand. We have seen an increase in demand for staff in industries where traditionally they would be in their ‘quiet period’ and for others downturns where they would normally be in peak periods.

Some of this has been due to the obvious and forced closures however some not so predictable.

This has resulted in being able to keep certain sectors of our workforce in ongoing employment; and sadly, others with not so much.

On the upside It has been so rewarding working with candidates to look at areas where they can transfer their skills and have seen some real win/wins as a result! 

Here are some useful ways to ensure you are identifying and utilising your transferable skills:

Look at your previous work history, study or training and identify those skillsthat are currently required in the job market this could be certain pc skills, communication and/or negotiation skills, project management or creative/written abilities.

Look at the parallels you may have from previous workplaces – you may have partnered with industries previously that now have a demand giving you insight into their industry.

Highlight on your CV these transferable skills even giving examples in your cover letters as to how this would translate in their roles.

List your previous awards and recognitions as this gives insights into your strengths

Mention your willingness to learn and your interest in their sector – motivation and a genuine keenness to learn is often highly sought afterWe would love to work with you to help position you and your skill set – ensuring you are putting your best foot forward in this unpredictable work environment we find ourselves in!    

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