Why use an agency over recruiting yourself?
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Why use an agency over recruiting yourself?

Posted by:  Rachelle Sinfield  Date:  July 2021

It goes without saying that using an agency will save you time. Writing and posting ads, reviewing applicant’s resumes, pre interview screening, coordinating interview, reference checking and negotiating employment conditions are all time consuming activities.                                      

But using an agency will also save you money.
Why use an agency over recruiting yourself
Clearly valuable time will be lost by your employee to manage the recruitment process instead of focusing on their  core role which has a direct impact on productivity and profitability.

The fill time often takes longer than what can be achieved by an agency who has dedicated consultants working on the placement and a wider candidate pool to pull from.

The delays in filling a role increase your current staff’s dissatisfaction with having to carry not only the workload for the vacant role but also cover for their manager’s split focus. We often hear from disgruntled employees saying they are carrying the brunt of vacant roles and their managers are taking too long to find replacements. As the workload increases, the department loses morale and often more staff in the process.

Hiring the wrong person leads to wasted resources in recruitment and training activities but also a possible detriment on the culture of your company. Using an agency is risk free. They offer guarantees on their placements, and are proactive in ensuring they do not need to replace for free- they know what to look out for and what questions to ask to try to minimise any fall out. They may also have the benefit of knowing what the available candidates are looking for before they are tailoring their responses to the job on offer. The candidate pool is wider, agencies have the benefit of a network of registered candidates to draw from in addition to recruiting specifically for your role through socials and job boards.

Candidates often register with an agency if they do not have time to actively search f
or new roles or as an addition to their searching activities, so good recruitment agencies already have a network of engaged, skilled candidates to approach with your vacancy.
DCL have the added benefit that we have been recruiting in the local area for over 30 years, the consultants at DCL are stable with minimum 12 years’ service within the DCL team. This unique scenario builds trust and rapport and allows an opportunity to develop professional relationships with candidates and partner with them as they build their careers, sometimes shifting from candidate to client and back again. It also leads to new candidates
registering due to ‘word of mouth”.  

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